Children's Play Equipment

We at Garden Play Ireland recognise the value of outdoor play in fostering kids' creative and physical growth. Because of this, we take great pride in providing a superior range of kid-friendly play equipment for your garden, such as swings, slides, and playhouses, all intended to spark many hours of fun and creativity. Our dedication to excellence, security, and personalisation distinguishes us in children's outdoor play.

Playhouses: An Imaginary Universe

Our playhouses are portals to a world of imagination, not just childrens’ structures. Our playhouses, which are meticulously crafted, encourage young minds to explore and have magical experiences. What sets our playhouses apart is as follows:

Handmade Excellence: Skilled artisans painstakingly create each playhouse, guaranteeing practicality and aesthetic appeal.
Safety: First and foremost, your children’s safety is our top priority. To reduce the possibility of harm, our playhouses are built with the highest quality of timber, bolts & screws hidden or countersunk where possible and the use of non-toxic paints where applicable.
High-quality Materials: We exclusively utilise the best Irish wood that has been pressure-treated to make it resilient and long-lasting. Our timber has been carefully selected to endure Ireland’s unpredictable weather.
Customisation: We provide choices for size and style since we understand that every garden is different. Regardless of your individual requirements or space limitations, we can design a playhouse that is ideal for you.

Slides and Swings: Infinite Adventure and Fun

Your garden can be transformed into an exciting playground with the help of the slides and swings from Garden Play Ireland, which offer endless fun and adventure. Kids will love the rush of flying through the air while swinging or tumbling down at incredible speeds. This is the reason why families love our swings and slides:

Various Options: We provide an extensive range of swing sets and slide combinations to accommodate different ages and tastes because we recognise that every child is unique. There is something to enjoy for everyone, regardless of whether your kids are more interested in intricate jungle gyms or traditional swings.
Sturdy Design: Our first concern is safety. To ensure their endurance and durability, our swing sets and slides are painstakingly developed and put through rigorous stress testing. They are designed to resist hard play and give parents comfort.
Easy Installation: As we deliver, assemble and install we make installation easy for you with our expert staff taking control and ensuring everything is put together correctly and safely. In some cases our products can come flat-packed for quick and straightforward self-assembly, simplifying installation. Detailed and easy-to-follow instructions are supplied to help you through the setup procedure and remove any installation-related issues.
Interactive Play: By encouraging socialising, physical activity, and creative play, our play equipment helps kids interact with their friends and family while being active outside. Whether you swing, slide, or climb, our equipment inspires countless hours of imaginative play.

Client Reviews

'I went with them because they deliver, assemble and install but I never expected such high quality'

June 2022 Type A Playhouse

'Arrived on Christmas eve as agreed and even through the bad weather they Installed our Playhouse with no issues'

December 2022 Type B Playhouse

Invest in the swings and slides from Garden Play Ireland to build a child-friendly backyard oasis where they can play, explore, and create lifelong memories. Take a look at our inventory now today.