Kress Mission RTKn 600 KR160E


€2395 Including Delivery & Installation (inc VAT)


Redefining precision in lawn care with Kress RTKⁿ technology, the KR160E robotic lawn mower introduces satellite-guided, centimeter-level accuracy without the need for any property-specific stationary antennas. It efficiently manicures lawns up to 600 ㎡.

  • Centimeter-level accuracy without station antenna in your property
  • Satellite-guided — no perimeter wire installation
  • Dead reckoning for mowing even undershade (weak satellite signal)
  • Systematic coverage in parallel lines for maximum mowing efficiency
  • Multi-zone function with the ability to precisely navigate from one turf area to another
  • Auto-levelling cutting disc
  • Anti-theft protection
  • MAP™ (Mowing Action Plan) for advanced path optimization and dynamic adjustment technology
  • Electronic cutting height adjustment
  • RBS™ Regenerative Brake System for energy saving


Technical specifications